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The Boy Who Became King

Director:  Trudy Sargent

Screenwriter:  Ramin Nematollahi

Producers:  Trudy Sargent, Anthony Wonsoff

Cast:  Jack Gilroy, Dionna Veremis

Genre:  Drama


A dying grandfather creates a mythical tale so that he can instil life's lessons on to his 7 year old grandson. Capturing the young boy's imagination and heart, he masterfully leads the boy through the art of storytelling to discover his own destiny and power. 

In the process, the grandfather touches the lives of many, including a newlywed couple that live next door.  He gently guides them  down a path of self discovery, rekindling their love.

He diligently and intentionally tells the magical tale in the presence of his nurse, knowing that she will share the message with her own family and specifically her children, ensuring that the lessons will go beyond the confined walls of his makeshift hospital. 

Only towards the end of the film does it become evident the unimaginable extent the grandfather had gone, with his debilitating state, to keep the mystic, allure and magic of the tale alive for all, but most importantly for his true love, his grandson. 

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