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Slammed Poster.jpg

Director:  Trudy Sargent

Screenwriter:  Michael Phillips

Producers:  Trudy Sargent, Brian Robles

Cast: Patricia De Leon, Kinyumba Mutakabir

Genre:  Thriller


Sam Mitchell, the biggest hip-hop star is kidnapped after a sell out concert and held for ransom by the kind of professional killer no one wants to meet.

During a thrilling 24-hour ransom demand, a charged relationship develops between predator and prey breeding a dangerous hope that ensnares them both in the dredges of a downtown Los Angeles dungeon… some will learn the toll on humanity… and some will wind up dead. 


SLAMMED! How far would you go for the price of freedom?



US Distribution via ITN Pictures - US Release 2018

SPAIN - Released in April 2017

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