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Screenwriter:  Michael Phillips 

Producer:  Trudy Sargent


Women can talk about their vaginas - hell, they can even make stage shows about them. Well, it's about time that men poke back and talk about their own penises.

What is the one thing that unites all men? Sense of fairness? No. Decency? Hardly. Our penises? Yes. 

We all got one (I read that one bloke has two, greedy chap!).

Your cock might be big or small, thick or thin, used or useless, but regardless, the Penis is the last great unifying point between all people. We all have them or want them or hate them or love them.


What does a grandson, an ex-porn star and the cultural Ambassador of France all have in common? Their cocks. And in the super funny Penis Parables, they and 9 others will share their cock tales. Let's face it, penises are funny looking and now they are even funnier when talked about...​ 

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