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Director:  Mark Jay

Screenwriter:  Mark Jay

Producer:  Christopher Figg, Trudy Sargent, Mark Jay

Cast: Carl Davies, Layke Anderson, Jason Maza, Frank Harper, Roots Manuva

Genre:  Action / Thriller 


Brent Black lives on the roughest estate in Brighton where he looks after his alcoholic dad and kid brother. Brent's got an old Ford Capri that he bought for fifty quid and he's spent the last year underneath it, every bit of spare time he can find, tuning, modding, tinkering. And now he's got (unofficially) the fastest, gutsiest Capri in the country. It is because of this that he is the reluctant leader of the coolest Boy Racer gang in Brighton. This is his life. His world. Then, in one week, at the start of winter, his whole life is suddenly turned on its head. From out of the blue they bump into a gang of Bling London Boy Racers who lay down a deadly challenge. The status of the Brighton crew hangs in the balance and Brent has got just one week to salvage it all. But this is no ordinary week. Brent’s garage is torched, his car is destroyed and he falls in love with Ophelia James, a beautiful posh punk princess from across the other side of town.

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