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Fighter's Chance

Screenwriter:  Ramin Nematollahi

Director:  Trudy Sargent

Executive Producers:  Max Takaloo, Sam Takaloo

Producers:  Trudy Sargent, Anthony Wonsoff, Ramin Nematollahi

Cast:  Evander Hollyfield, Shedrack Anderson, Fernanda Romero

Genre:  Drama


Sean 'Baby Face' Banes (Shedrack Anderson) is a former light-weight boxing champion. Born in the projects, he learned the rules quickly - be the predator or be the prey. With this attitude he ascends through the boxing ranks quickly. Banes' rise to the top was marred by an abrupt halt, when a freak punch - a right hook jab - left him declared legally blind. His world quickly crumbles and only his trainer, Tony 'Tubs' Ricardo (Evander Holyfield), and his devoted, loving wife Amanda (Fernanda Romero), stands by his side. Banes' seemingly last and only chance for redemption comes by way of a lucrative rematch.


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