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Director:  D.J. Evans 

Screenwriter: D.J. Evans

Producer:  Nerys Lloyd

Co-Producer:  Trudy Sargent

Cast:  Richard Harrington, Jaimie Winstone, Louise Delamere

Genre:  Horror 


Daddy's Girl is a chilling psychological horror feature. Heavily influenced by cult Japanese horror, the film uses striking imagery to tell this dark, haunting story. Stephen (Richard Harrington) is a psychiatrist struggling to hold his life together. Enduring perpetual grief over the violent death of his beautiful wife, his life is fraught with pain and tragedy. Surviving only through his copious intake of prescribed drugs, Stephen is anxious to return to work. When a close colleague at the hospital takes pity on him and reinstates him as Duty Psychologist, Stephen is soon confronted with a troubled teenage girl called Nina (Jaime Winstone). With an obsession for cutting herself and a seemingly increasing blood-lust, Nina displays sinister behaviour which begins to push the boundaries of teenage angst. Are her actions merely a symptom of an unhappy home life or are they rooted in a much more sinister cause? Set in bleak and ominous locations, Daddy's Girl will drag you through seduction, manipulation, wilful betrayal and a haunting that refuses to desist. Daddy's Girl exploits the increasingly blurred distinction between psychosis and reality. It explores the fragile relationships between people and the explosive metamorphoses that comes with adolescence. It is a film that asks questions that you do not always want to know the answers to.


A Carnaby / Boda co-production

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